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2000 Burning Man Update
from Rico Thunder

In the week of Aug 28, 2000, I was a citizen of my hometown of Black Rock City, as I am for one week of every year for the last seven.

I am the CEO of Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet, a Black Rock City institution since 1998. Part time, I run the Black Rock City Mobile Library whose main branch is towed around the streets of Black Rock City by bicycle. As our main branch is mobile and our return dates stamped in the inside front cover of each book are quite generous ("Do make sure you return your book by June 2, 2010 or you'll be earning stiff penalties").

I had the good fortune this year of adding a bunch of copies of The Lost Soul Companion to our circulating collection. Lost souls and friends of lost souls checked them out of our collection, intrigued and curious.

But by far, the majority of The Lost Soul Companion books went to people I knew through my seven year residency in Black Rock City. The people who found that they made guest appearances in the book were especially thrilled. For instance, the people from the Barter Exchange House of Pancakes and Crazy Dante's Used Soul Emporium were happy to find that they had made a lasting impression on at least one wandering, lost soul.

I was glad that, although the author couldn't make it, that The Lost Soul Companion made it to Burning Man this year.

-Rico Thunder

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