Newsletter #2

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Phototag Project Launched

PhotoTag is a community photography project. A series of disposable cameras were recently labeled and released into the wild with instructions for unwary PhotoTaggers to take one picture and pass the camera on. Postage and a return address were included on each camera so that each may simply be dropped into the mail to get back home when all the film is used up.

So far, the cameras released are named bear, mouse, lizard, lemur, rabbit, and frog. The bear camera was released at the Axis nightclub in Boston during the St. Etienne show. Lizard was released to a friendly terminal manager in the Pentagon subway stop in Washington, D.C. Lemur was released at Fort Knox in Louisville, Kentucky. Rabbit was released late in the night beneath the glimmering triumphal video screens of Times Square. Frog escaped into the world on the northeast steps of Boston Common. Mouse hasn't yet been released.

Folks that stumble upon one of the cameras can come to the phototag website at to tell us about their phototag experiences and their photos or simply monitor the progress of their cameras or other PhotoTag cameras.

Our first report is from Angel who had the lemur camera. She explained, "I took a picture of a one-armed lemur in the Louisville Zoo. He was very crafty and able to climb just as well as the two-armed lemurs. I left the camera in the monkey house at the zoo. I am able to report it was picked up by an elderly couple and carried out. Hopefully they will continue to follow the directions!"

And once the cameras return--if they return--we'll post the images on this site. PhotoTag is something of a photographic exquisite corpse, but is more proximally based on Kevin Fox's superfly Cameo project. PhotoTag is a non-profit for-fun joint venture by me and Susan which has proven quite useful at keeping us from things which are arguably more important. We hope you like it.

--Rick Dietz
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